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    Give us your opinion… Seda Gayretli

    Seda Gayretli is a professor at Karadeniz Technological University, in Turkey. Law graduate and Phd. in international law on Intellectual Property and Energy and Environment, has worked in professional offices in the United States and Turkey and participated in the World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations (WIPO). She is passionate about research and says she wants to be the one of the top academician and legal counsel in my areas (IP law, Energy Law).

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    AB-Bilgi Television Program: All the opportunities to be formed in the EU

    Around 70 million Europeans have poor literacy ability, and many more lack numeracy and digital skills. Learning and development of these skills is essential for employment and to build a promising future. That is why education has been a priority for the European Union. In this program, “All opportunities to train you in the European Union”, we will know the goals of the “New skills agenda for Europe” that has developed through 10 actions taken by the European Commission and the Erasmus + program started in 1987 as Erasmus.  TV Program

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